Our promise

6 months Warranty

We take our product quality very seriously. We put extreme effort  in our quality checks during the manufacturing, packing and shipping of Elyment fashion jewellery so it is very rare that our customer have to experience any issue with our product. But just in a rare case that you face any issues, we offer a six month warranty on all our products counted from the date you place order.

Under this warranty if there is any issue with the products we will:

  1. Repair it if the damage is less
  2. Replace the defective product with a new if it can't be repaired
  3. Offer you store credit for the amount you had paid to purchase the item which will be valid for the warranty period span of the current product , only if we've discontinued the design

This warranty covers:


  • Any manufacturing defect.
  • Loss of color or polish.
  • Any kind of breakage that is not because of any mishandling of the product.

We really want to be generous and completely fair to our customers, but in some cases we have seen some misuse of this policy whereby people have used the products and then returned them to claim their money back. So to prevent any such misuse, this warranty is not a money-back guarantee. You will either get the products repaired, replaced or store credit as mentioned in above sections. For a added safety its recommended you do the complete unboxing process under a camera for your benefit which may support your claim , however it is totally depending on credibility of the evidence. 


Terms and conditions for the validity of warranty

The jewellery has been maintained properly as per our jewellery care instructions .


        1. Wipe off jewelry with a moist cloth       and then with dry cloth and dry it completely before storing. Remember sweat and salt is the primary reason for issue with polishing.

2. Always Store your jewelry in an airtight box or zip lock to preserve the polish for a long time

3. These are not daily wear jewellery and adequate care must be taken to protect these from direct contact with chemicals like perfume, hairspray etc. Long term contact with water like bathing or swimming must be avoided. 

4. Never use jewelry cleaners made for silver or gold as they are too harsh for fashion jewellery.

  • There has not been any intentional or unintentional mishandling with the product after it was received, till the validity of the warranty. 
  • The customer would need to arrange to send the products to our workshop. Any claim would be processed only after the products have been received and inspected by our workshop. Any broken or dislodged part must be sent along with the package, we don't cover lost parts/items under warranty.
  • Before the claim is processed we will inspect the returned products and if the product shows any evidence of mishandling with the products, the claims will not be processed. Claims are processed only once per order
  • The claim should be raised and the products should reach our office within the validity of warranty period.


Bespoke quality products

Our presence as a jewelry manufacturer has been for four decades. We know how to make it right by taking care of intensive level of details before we put up our designs in the market. Here we've listed a few major factors that make up our quality standards.


AAA STARCUT american diamonds (AD)

Either its best or nothing AAA star cut AD is know as one of the best selection of stone for fashion jewellery, with its brilliant cut which emits a natural diamond hue and achieves a clarity near to a natural diamond .


Hand crafted 

We maximised hand labour and minimised machine use to provide our customers a delightful experience. We use industries old and best buffing method which hand polishing or buffing , our craftsmen buff the jewellery till it achieves mirror finish glow. 


18k-20k polish and real rhodium (Rh)

We use rhodium for coating our jewellery which is one of the rarest and costly metal which comes under platinum group. That backs our long lasting jewellery shine .