Getting the exemplary ring that fits your needs!

Getting the exemplary ring that fits your needs!

Are you worried that the ring you purchased won’t fit you or your partner? Is it becoming difficult for you to decide on a ring? Well, do not fret, as experts from Elyment Fashion are here to help you through your time of making the right decision. We are one of the Top Jewellery manufacturers in India who value our customers and want them to gain maximum satisfaction. In order to help them achieve a pleasant shopping experience, we are constantly taking the required measures. Our blogs are aimed at helping our customers and giving them more information on our brand and our products. So, do stay updated with our blogs or subscribe to our newsletter.

Coming back to the topic, it may seem difficult to ascertain the fit of the ring if you have never bought one. However, it’s not that difficult to get the size right. The second aspect is the quality of the ring, and lastly, the design that suits your needs.

Let’s look at them in a detailed manner:-

  • Size of the ring
  • Quality of materials used
  • Design of the ring

Size of the ring:

A ring must not be too tight that it becomes uncomfortable and won’t come off or so loose that it falls off without you knowing. Remember that every country has a different ring size. Element Fashion is an India-based company and thus follows a nationwide ring size chart for India. You can check the ring size chart on our website.

In order to get the size right, you can get a ring sizer tool to measure, or if you already have a ring that fits you perfectly, you can measure its inner diameter.

In case you can do none of those, then use a measuring tape and follow these steps:-

  1. Get the measuring tape. Make a circle with the measuring tape by wrapping it around your finger.
  2. The size should be adjusted. Make sure the circle fits comfortably across your knuckles by adjusting the size.
  3. Compare the measurements with the size chart, and voila, that’s your ring size!

Quality of materials used:

Rings are generally worn regularly; therefore, the materials used, that is, the jewel, metal and polish, must be of premium quality. Element Fashion uses only the best market standard materials to ensure our customers do not receive an inferior quality product. The metal must be sturdy; if it’s an expensive metal, then it should have an authenticity certificate. The polish must never come off, and it should be such that it can bear the wear and tear for decades. Jewel must be of appropriate size and cut; it should fit in the socket perfectly. The finishing of the ring should be such that it’s comfortable to wear and, at the same time, look elegant and impressive.

Design of the ring:

The design of the ring can be general or unique, whatever you desire. The design actually only differs with the size of the jewel, its cut, the number of jewels and their placement, if the metal ring has engravings or has some unique design. We at Elyment Fashion get our jewellery designed by artists who have done exemplary work over their tenure of years. We also offer a wide variety of options which makes our products unique and versatile enough to suit all needs.

Bottom line:

We hope the above information is enough to simplify your shopping experience; if you need more details before going on a shopping spree, then you can check out our other blogs. Element Fashion in India strives to provide quality and satisfaction to its customers.
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