Choosing the right jewellery suitable for your face shape

Choosing the right jewellery suitable for your face shape

Jewellery is something that makes us feel unique. Our face does the same for us. Every face is unique and has distinct features that make us stand out from the crowd. One of these features is the shape of our faces. It has been noticed by fashion experts that if someone wears jewellery according to their face shape, then their beauty enhances. As jewellery complements our outfits in the same manner, it complements our faces.

If you have no idea regarding choosing jewellery according to your face shape, then do not worry, as experts from Elyment Fashion will guide you through. Elyment Fashion is one of the most reputed jewellery retailers in India. Our motto is to deliver quality jewellery that speaks for itself. We want our customers to feel proud every time they make a purchase from our store. We take special care of the cutting, fitting and finishing of our products. The jewels we use are of the highest market standards and go well with our designs. Speaking of the designs, we have a variety of artist-crafted design options for every taste and desired look. Check out our website to see for your own eyes.

Let's proceed and look at the jewellery types that go best with:-

  • Round Face
  • Oval Face
  • Heart Face
  • Diamond Face
  • Square Face

Round Face:

A round face requires an element that contrasts itself and creates an illusion. Long and dangling earrings are perfect for a round face as they give an impression that the face is long. Remember to use narrower designs and not wider ones, or else they will contradict this point. You can check our collection for longer earrings that will go best with your round-shaped face.

Oval Face:

Oval might be similar to Round; however, when it comes to jewellery suitability, it's the complete opposite. This is because an oval face is already a long-shaped face. Therefore it will need earrings with a wide end. This is contrary to the requirements of a round face. We have the widest selection of larger studs and danglers with wider designs.

Heart Face:

Dangling Earrings, Teardrops and lightweight chandeliers all go well with a heart-shaped face. A heart-shaped face is top half broad and bottom half sharp; that is, the person has a wide forehead and a sharp chin. There are several designs that go well with a heart-shaped face. Our collection is being updated with new designs consistently.

Diamond Face:

This is the most versatile face shape, as most earrings suit them. This face shape is unique in itself, with a small forehead and also a sharp chin. The face broadens in the middle with uplifted cheekbones. The cheeks are generally the highlight of their face. The earrings that look the best on these faces are wide-end dangle earrings or chandeliers. However, elongated earrings and studs go well with them as well. We have all these kinds of earrings available on our website.

Square Face:

A box-shaped or square-shaped face needs curvy jewellery to contrast with the angular ends of the face. People with a square face have a sharp jawline and thus go well with curvy designs like teardrop earrings.

Closing Words:

Elyment Fashion considers all of its unique customers valuable and thus has a vast collection that can suit everyone's needs.
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